​​University Direct Entry – Central Queensland University

​Maryborough State High School student work extensively with Central Queensland University (CQU) to provide direct entry links for students with a Certificate III and above, attained at our school.  Students are able to receive direct entry through the Principal Recommendation Program without the undue stress which final exams can cause.  This 'insurance policy' gives our students the security they need to ensure that their future career path is one step closer. 

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Future Health Program Queensland Health / Wide Bay Health and Hospital / Central Queensland University 

A true three-way partnership sees students at Maryborough State High School in years 11 and 12 complete a Certificate II and III in Health Support, provided by CQUniversity, completing practicum at Maryborough Hospital and then having the opportunity to work in the Health sector with interviews with Wide Bay Hospital and Health at the closure of their year 12 course.  This innovative program is helping address a shortfall in the Health sector and giving students a real taste of their future in the school's own model hospital ward, on campus.

Future Teachers Program 

With the critical role of teacher in increasing demand, Maryborough State High School’s Future Teachers program provides students from Year 9 with opportunities to work with experts in education ‘from the other side of the board’ – in anticipation and preparation of a career as a teacher.  In Years 11 and 12, students are also able to engage with the SUN (Start Uni Now) program through CQUniversity.

Memorandum of Understanding – Queensland Reds 

Your Rugby Future starts at Maryborough State High School – our Reds Rugby partnership has our Rugby 7s and 15 a side teams working with the Queensland Reds SuperRugby franchise with opportunities for competitions all over the state.  The Reds work in school with our students and will periodically come to the school to provide expert assistance.  Our Academy is run by Director of Coaching, Adam Ebert.

​GP In Schools 

The GPs in Schools Pilot will place General Practitioners (GPs) in 50 Queensland state schools with secondary students. The service will provide students with free access to a GP at school 1 day per week, removing barriers students may otherwise face to receiving timely and appropriate healthcare. The provision of this service will have positive impacts for students' health and wellbeing and their readiness and ability to engage positively at school.

All Queensland state schools with secondary students were invited to apply to participate in the pilot by responding to an expression of interest, outlining the level of need in their school and how providing access to a GP at school would benefit their students' health and wellbeing.

Following a great deal of interest from schools, a decision was made to expand the pilot from supporting 20 to 50 schools to provide a GP service to their secondary students

​Flexi Space 

Schools delivering a FlexiSpace will provide the highest quality teaching and learning in a bespoke learning environment embedded within the school to achieve the engagement and academic outcomes of students who may be experiencing disengagement.

Schools will receive a one-off allocation to assist with the establishment of the program. This includes professional development, teacher relief, coaching and other costs associated with the design of the model. The final 20 schools implementing a FlexiSpace in 2022 will receive their full funding allocation in a single payment in the 2022 school year. 

Future Pilots – Drones Program 

Leading the way with innovation, students at Maryborough State High School embarked on a program which will see them at the forefront of 21st century industry. Announcing a new partnership with Autonomous Technology, Maryborough State High School students commenced a Certificate 2 In Engineering Pathways in Year 10, leading to a Certificate 3 in Aviation by mid Year of Year 12. This will see students learning to design, build and operate drones with a CASA-Approved Commercial Pilot License and have the possibility to enter a growth industry where there are 10 jobs for every employable person. With announcements of an aviation precinct in Maryborough recently announced by Fraser Coast Regional Council, this positions Maryborough State High School students at the forefront of employability in a future-focussed industry. 

Fraser Coast Regional Councillor Paul Truscott is very happy with the schoolʼs approach. “Itʼs a very exciting time in history, seeing the changes that are happening on a regular basis with education. As the Councillor for Aviation, it is a pleasure to hear of Maryborough State High Schoolʼs steps to include a class for Cert 2 in Engineering and Cert 3 for Aviation. This program will work with students in years 10- 12 interested in the great mix of aviation and technology. Council congratulates MSHS on their efforts in leading the way for a growing industry and encouraging potential development in students. I wish this kind of program was around when I was in school - great work!"​​​​​​​​​​​

Last reviewed 26 July 2023
Last updated 26 July 2023