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Students with a disability

Maryborough State High Special Education Program

Maryborough State High School has a Special Education Program centrally located in C Block and known as the ‘Learning Enhancement Centre’ – (LEC).  Currently, our LEC is staffed by five specialist teachers, nine teacher aides, and an administrative officer.  We support students with physical, hearing, vision, intellectual and speech language impairment/s including Autistic Spectrum Disorders and their families to achieve socially valid quality of life outcomes.

Education Adjustment Program

The LEC implements Education Adjustment Programs (EAP) which is a process for identifying and responding to the educational needs of students with disability (SWD) related to specified impairment areas.  Adjustments are made for these students to enable them to inclusively access the curriculum, achieve curriculum outcomes and participate in day to day schooling.  The EAP process initiates an ongoing cycle of documented data collection, planning, program development, intervention, evaluation and review.

Our Key Priorities

Our key priorities mirror our schools priorities, namely, assisting our students to achieve the highest possible outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy (including Closing the Gap for all indigenous students) corresponding with each student’s current strengths and needs, by uncompromisingly delivering Excellence in Teaching in collaborative partnerships with all significant supporters especially the student’s family, subject teachers, specialist staff and our schools administration team. 

Further, our unrelenting aim is to foster Confidence in Public Education by being a centre of excellence by reputation and reflective practice for Special Education Programs that are parent and child-centred and comprise multi-disciplinary team efforts. 

Student Welfare Participation

Similarly, we believe the very heart of the LEC has to do with our integral role in maximising Student Welfare and Participation particularly for students with disability who require additional social, emotional and environmental support to achieve equitable outcomes.

Hence, our programs include recess activities (chess club, scrapbook club, foosball and air hockey club every recess) where SWD can invite friends to our Activities Room.  We are also able to assist our students with nutrition (breakfast/lunch club), deportment (uniform, well-being and social skills training), career guidance, vocational goals (transition/work experience officer), special considerations (each student has a dedicated case manager) and Lifelong recreational/leisure needs (school camp, LEC social club) and community agency connections for school options.