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Nationally Recognised Training (NRT)

Maryborough State High School is a Registered Training Organisation delivering a number of nationally recognised vocational qualifications, under the direction of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and Department of Education and Training (DET). 

Each NRT qualification is designed for students to complete a number of units of competency from National Training Packages that have been developed by different industries to ensure knowledge and skills are developed according to their needs. 
Assessment is competency based - which is the process of collecting evidence and making judgements on whether or not the student can consistently demonstrate knowledge and skill and the application of that knowledge and skill to a performance required in the workplace. During the program of study, a variety of assessment techniques will be used, including practical skills and knowledge. 
There are no A-E results, the student will either be deemed competent or not yet competent at completion of course. As a result the student will not receive a Level of Achievement. 
Maryborough State High School guarantees that the student will be provided with every opportunity to complete the certificate as per the rights and obligations outlined in the enrolment process and NRT Student Handbook provided.  
Students successfully achieving all qualification requirements will be provided with a Qualification and record of results. These can contribute to the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) up-to 8 points depending on the qualification level, duplication requirements and completion.
Maryborough State High School has a complaints and appeals procedure. Complaints arise when a client is dissatisfied with an aspect of Maryborough State High School's services, and requires action to be taken to resolve the matter. Appeals arise when a client is dissatisfied with a decision that Maryborough High has made. 
A complaint can be made to Maryborough High regarding the conduct of:
·       the school RTO, its trainers, assessors or other school RTO staff
·       students of the RTO
·       any third parties providing services on behalf of Maryborough State High School (if relevant)
An appeal can be made to Maryborough High to request a review of a decision, including assessment decisions. 
Maryborough State High School will ensure that the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every stage of the complaints and appeals process. All formal complaints and appeals will be acknowledged in writing and heard and decided on within 15 working days of receiving the written complaint or appeal.
If Maryborough High considers more than 15 working days are required to process and finalise the complaint or appeal, the complainant or appellant will be informed of the reasons in writing and will be regularly updated on the progress of the matter.
All students enrolling in a NRT qualification will receive a NRT Student Handbook (in related links on this page) that outlines important information regarding their participation in these subjects and their obligations and rights. 
NRT Certificates currently on offer that Maryborough State High School provides as the RTO are:  
Course ​Course Name ​Expiry
BSB20115 Certificate II in Business 31/12/2020
BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration 31/12/2020
SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality 31/12/2021
SIT30116 Certificate III in Tourism 31/12/2021
CUA20215 Certificate II in Creative Industries 31/12/2021
CUA20715 Certificate II in Visual Arts 31/12/2021
CUA31115 Certificate III in Visual Arts 31/12/2021
CPC10111 Certificate I in Construction 31/12/2018
MEM20413 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways 31/12/2018
MSF20516 Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways 31/12/2021
MSM20216 Certificate II in Manufacturing Technology 31/12/2021
SHB20116 Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics 31/12/2021
SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant 31/12/2021
SIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation 31/12/2020
​​BSB10115 Certificate I in Business 31/12/2020
SIS20115 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and